Outlaw Wrist Wraps + Outlaw Knee Wraps Bundle

$ 91.00

Outlaw Wrist Wraps:

Our newly redesigned Outlaws are better than ever! 

  • Strong and rigid, hands down our most aggressive wrap!
  • Made from high quality, heavy-duty materials
  • Maximum stretch and torque
  • Military grade hook and loop for long lasting use
  • Left and right thumb loops

Care: Hand wash only with mild detergent. Do not place in washer or dryer.


Outlaw Knee Wraps:

Our newly, redesigned Outlaws are better than ever! 
  • Made from the stiffest, highest density material, these wraps are geared towards the advanced lifter that’s ready to power through some serious weight!
  • Designed for maximum stretch and rebound, the Outlaws are most beneficial for a fast squatter using a narrow to medium stance.
  • This extremely aggressive wrap makes the perfect cast for your knees to drive you out of the hole and right past your sticking point so you can smash through all of your current personal records!
  • Although self-wrapping is possible, it is recommended to have your coach or training partner wrap you for maximum benefit.

Care: Hand wash with mild soap and air dry. Do not place in washer/dryer. Do not store them rolled up as it breaks them in faster. 


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