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Iron Rebel Power Gear

Samurai Tee (Black)

Samurai Tee (Black)

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This design is the epitome of Iron Rebel - a brand revered among athletes for its unparalleled quality and unique style. The Samurai tee is no exception, proudly displaying "Strength or Seppuku" over a Samurai helmet skull and barbell crossbones on the back, and just the Samurai helmet and skull on the left chest. The design is both striking and inspiring, capturing the essence of the Iron Rebel ethos.

Not only is the Samurai tee stylish, but it is also incredibly comfortable, thanks to its athletic fit and lightweight material. It is crafted to maximize comfort, allowing you to wear it for your toughest workouts or your most relaxed days.

At Iron Rebel, quality is paramount. That's why the Samurai tee is engineered with the highest quality in mind, ensuring that it will maintain its shape and color, even after repeated washes. It is the perfect addition to any athlete's wardrobe, embodying strength, resilience, and unwavering determination. So, whether you're hitting the gym or just looking for a comfortable, stylish tee, the Samurai tee is the perfect choice.

Material: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester

Fit: Athletic Fit

Sizing: True to size - Andy Is 5'11 and weighs 265lbs and is wearing a 2XL.
Hunter is 6' and weighs 245lbs and is wearing a 2XL.


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