Iron Rebel® Performance Knee Sleeves

$ 63.74 $ 84.99

**ETA for Out-of-Stock sizes May 25th.

Our new and improved Performance Knee Sleeves are better than ever! With over one year of testimonials on our Social Media outlets, these sleeves are the ONLY sleeves that truly have been in the making for over one year, with 20+ of the most competitive powerlifters as testers and are now the best sleeves available on the market!

Constructed from the highest grade of 7mm neoprene, the Iron Rebel® Performance Sleeves deliver immeasurable warmth, support and rebound, where other neoprenes fail to do so.  In addition, the double-stitch binding on the lateral sides of the knee sleeve provides maximum support in keeping the knee stable and in the middle, while the same stitching is applied in the back to give the rear additional support, for the heaviest loads.

Double tape with overlap stitching provides the Performance Knee Sleeves with extra strength and durability to outlast and out perform. Trust only the best! 

  • Allowed in all Federations, except IPF

  • 7mm thickness

  • 30 cm length

  • Hand Wash with mild soap and cold water. Air dry.

 **IMPORTANT: Do not grab the top seam to pull and yank the sleeves on as this will cause unwanted wear and tear and potentially damage your sleeves. You must follow the instructions below to put the sleeves on. Also, please watch the video tutorial below for additional visual instructions.

How to put the sleeves on:

Sizing: If you have large calves or quads, you will want to go a size up.



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