Iron Rebel® Sport Knee Sleeves

$ 84.99

Product Info

The Iron Rebel® Sport Knee Sleeves are developed for the all-around athlete looking for warmth, support and prevention, rather than performance and extra pop that our other sleeves deliver. The Sport Knee Sleeves were designed for day-to-day use for your Bodybuilders and CrossFit and Strength Athletes in mind. In addition, the Sport Knee Sleeves are the perfect sleeve for lighter days of the competitive Powerlifters. 

Constructed from the highest quality 7mm neoprene, the Sport Knee Sleeves deliver the necessary warmth, support and protection to get you through your day-to-day training sessions.  In addition, the double-stitch binding on the lateral sides of the knee sleeve provides maximum support in keeping the knee stable and in the middle, while the same stitching is applied in the back to give the rear additional support for the heaviest loads. Double-tape, with overlap stitching, provides the Training Sleeves with extra strength and durability. Made with Iron Rebel pride, trust only the best!


  • 7mm thickness of pliable, high-grade Neoprene
  • 28 cm length
  • Sold as a pair

Care:  Wash in warm water with mild detergent. Do not place in washer or dryer. 

How to put sleeves on: 

1. Slip the sleeve on over your ankle.

2. Grab the top of the sleeve and fold in sleeve in half so the logo is facing inward. 

3. Fold the bottom portion of the sleeve up so the bottom half is touching the top half which is folded down.

4. Grab and pull from the bottom of the sleeve and slide the sleeve up your leg until the sleeve (still folded in half) is more then covering the knee. 

5. Grab the top half of the sleeve that is folded over and pull it to the top covering the top portion of the knee and lower thigh. 
6. Unfold the bottom portion of the knee sleeve so that it flaps down to covers the top half of your calves.
Sizing: If you have large calves or quads, you will want to go a size up.



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