Iron Rebel Grips

$ 35.10 $ 45.00

Product Info

Our new Iron Rebel Grips are HERE!

Iron Rebel Grips are guaranteed to eliminate ALL grip issues! 

  • Iron Rebel Grips secure faster around the bar or handle, without the use of straps going over and over the bar
  • Made of PVC Leather, the grip is tight and secure. Unlike straps which can slide and have a non secured handle on the bar, the Iron Rebel Grips stay locked in and easy to grip that straps cannot do.
  • Eliminate bicep engagement with Deadlifts, Heavy Rows, Pulldowns, and all Lifting related movements can be done with more security with the Iron Grips. 


Simply place a soft measuring tape around your wrist and over your wrist bone. Take that measurement and apply it to one of the sizes. 


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