The Best Exercises for Growing Triceps

The Best Exercises for Growing Triceps

Are bigger arms one of your workout goals? Then incorporating triceps workouts are a must since triceps make up about two-thirds of your upper arm. This means more developed triceps will make your arms look thicker and stronger as a whole. 

Read on for some great tricep exercises.

Where are your triceps located? 

You can find your triceps at the back of your upper arm. They’re made up of the lateral, medial, and long heads. Knowing this is important because you need to hit all three heads to develop your arms effectively. 

There are many exercises available that target tricep growth. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the best common workouts, so put on your powerlifting clothes and try these exercises. 

Close-Grip Bench Press 

This targets the long and lateral heads of the triceps and requires a flat bench. It also works out your chest and core. 

Placing your hands close together while bench pressing will target your triceps—leading to growth and more strength. A grip with your hands 8 to 10 inches apart will take the exercise to the next level. Tuck in your arms to protect your pecs and shoulder while challenging your triceps. 

The close-grip bench press is also a compound exercise, meaning it uses multiple joints and muscle groups, and is best for progressive overload.  

How to Do It 

  1. Make sure your hands are shoulder-width apart. Grasp the barbell with an overhand grip. 
  1. Hold the barbell above your sternum with your arms straight. 
  1. Lower the bar straight down, hold for a moment, then push the bar back up to the initial position. 

Rope Tricep Pushdown 

This is one of the most common tricep exercises for gym-goers since it zeroes in on the lateral head and is easy to perform. If needed, the rope tricep pushdown lends itself well to dropsets, too. 

When done right, this workout focuses on the top outer part of your triceps. If the weight is too heavy, it will activate your back and shoulders, so lighten the load if you can’t keep your shoulders down and feel the full rep.

Additionally, don’t let your arms drift from your sides, keep them straight while executing reps. 

How to Do It 

  1. Get a rope handle and attach it to the cable station. 
  2. Grab the bar with an overhand grip and bent arms. 
  3. Hands should be shoulder-width apart. Tuck your upper arms to your sides. 
  4. Push down the bar until your elbows are locked. Make sure your upper arms aren’t moving. 
  5. Return to your initial position slowly, and repeat. 

Tricep Dips 

This workout is a bit more advanced. With this exercise, your triceps are isolated and have to work harder because they’re going against your entire body weight. After your set, your triceps will burn, but it’s definitely worth it. 

How to Do It 

  1. Pull yourself up onto parallel bars. Your torso should be perpendicular to the floor and stay as such throughout the reps. If you lean forward, it will activate your chest and shoulders, defeating the purpose of targeting triceps. 
  2. Keep your knees bent and ankles crossed. Lower your body steadily until your shoulders are below your elbows. 
  3. Raise yourself until your elbows are straight, but don’t lock it. For people who have shoulder issues, this move should be skipped. 

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