Train Like a Mountain Dog

Train Like a Mountain Dog

John Meadows Training Program

There are plenty of ways to effectively expand your muscle mass. These methodologies were developed as bodybuilders consistently looked for the best ways to build muscle and reduce body fat.

One of the most popular programs used by lifters and bodybuilders worldwide is the John Meadows workout program. This routine is named after John Meadows, a respected name in the bodybuilding community. It focuses on a holistic approach to building your muscles without compromising your overall health.

This article aims to help people that want to try the workout themselves. It will discuss some of the principles that make it stand out and some of the most common exercises you should expect from the workout program. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is John Meadows’ Workout Program?

John Meadows’ approach to building muscle is more popularly known among bodybuilding circles as Mountain Dog Training. The main tenets of this workout focus on making the most out of your sessions by pushing the body to the limit with high-volume sets that don’t ruin your body’s overall condition.

Another defining feature of Meadows’ training regimen is the speed at which muscles develop. Compared to more common workout systems, the muscle buildup that you can get from this regime is second to none.

Core Phases of the Mountain Dog Approach

The Mountain Dog exercise routine can be categorized into four separate phases: the Pre-Pump Activation Phase, the Explosive Phase, the Pump Phase, and the Stretch Phase. These four phases are the culmination of Meadows’ quest to find the best way to build muscle.

One of the main differences between the Mountain Dog routine and other bodybuilding techniques is the pacing. The Meadows approach to training doesn’t do the heaviest exercise during the pre-pump activation phase to prepare the body for workouts of growing intensity.

The explosive phase is where it really gets fun for your growth. It involves the more intense exercises expected during a conventional bodybuilding session. During this phase, the primary objective of your work is to overload your body and activate as many muscle groups as you possibly can.

Up next in the Mountain Dog workout regimen is the supramaximal pump phase. During this phase, you will look to make the most out of the activated muscle groups you worked on in the previous phase by really focusing on getting the pump on. If you’re wondering how to build chest muscles with the Mountain Dog method, getting as many pumps as possible should be your top priority.

The best way to end a Mountain Dog session is with a loaded stretch phase. Since your muscles are pumped with blood after three phases of workouts with increasing intensity, an active cooldown is the best way to help your body recuperate. Combining static and dynamic stretches should help your muscles recover quicker.

Complementing Mountain Dog with Meals

Any bodybuilder will tell you that your efforts in the kitchen matter just as much as your time in the gym. If you want to maximize the quick results that the John Meadows bodybuilding method promises, it’s also in your best interests to watch what you eat.

The guidelines for determining the macros you should match to maximize your Mountain Dog training are pretty simple. To get the exact calories you should gun for, multiply your current body weight by 20. Your body weight is again instrumental in determining the amount of protein you need as you multiply it by 1.25 to get the exact amount. Finally, the amount of fat you need to eat daily should only be half of your body weight.

Exercises Done in the John Meadows Program


  • 30-degree incline dumbbell presses
  • Hammer strength flat presses
  • Iso-lateral seated cable rear deft flies
  • Machine pullovers


  • Lying leg curls
  • Spider bar squats
  • Glute ham raises


  • Iso-lateral machine pulldowns
  • Trap bar deadlifts
  • Chest-supported rows

The Benefits of the Mountain Dog Workout

There are plenty of reasons many bodybuilders choose the John Meadows approach to bulk up. One of the biggest benefits they can get from this bodybuilding technique is the way it prevents long-term injuries. Since the workouts scale in intensity, your muscles aren’t in serious danger of sustaining injuries.

Another perk that makes the Mountain Dog workout the preferable workout routine is its ability to build up muscle in such a short time. Thoroughly following the tenets of Meadows’ routine can help you build considerable mass in 43 days. For professional bodybuilders that constantly enter competitions, the ability to bulk up in such a short amount of time is a godsent blessing.

Finally, you can easily control your body fat with this exercise. If you watch what you eat, the fat you consume is immediately used to build your muscles.

Build Better Muscles with the Mountain Dog Way

John Meadows’ Mountain Dog workout is one of the most effective ways to build muscle. It's the lasting legacy of a fitness icon that left us too soon. This regimen is perfect for bodybuilders who want a quick and safe way to build mass.

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