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My take on Knee Wraps August 5, 2019 09:26

Typically, when you ask about knee wraps, you’ll hear a lot of buzzwords.  Characteristics like stiff or  stretchy seem pretty straightforward.  So, even, do ones like rebound and cast, assuming you’re familiar with the terminology (rebound means help out of the hole; casting stops you from going too deep).  But then you get into vaguer descriptions, like aggressive, versatile, and supportive — ones that, in my opinion, don’t really mean anything at all.  All knee wraps can be aggressive, versatile, and supportive.

So, in my opinion, when you’re looking at knee wraps, instead of considering any specific characteristics of the wrap, first take a look at what you want to get out of it.  Then, choose a wrap holistically based on which you feel gives those results.  Trying to pick and choose a certain degree of stiffness or comfort or whatever is likely to leave you frustrated, because the way the different characteristics work together, along with the style of wrapping you use, will strongly determine the overall effect of the wraps.

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