About Us


Iron Rebel represents a community of hardworking, strong, disciplined and determined athletes - all striving to be the best!

Founded by Shelley Denison in 2010, who partnered with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder John Meadows, Elite Powerlifter Andy Huang and IFBB Pro bodybuilder Luke Carroll, the team at Iron Rebel lives and breathes extreme athleticism.

Located in Irvine, California, and worn around the world, Iron Rebel represents the most elite line of premium Fitness apparel and gear that can be worn in or outside of the gym. Our clothing line represents the type of person that strives to build a strong body and mind, and is inspired to live, look and feel their best! With a design-with-purpose approach, we've created a contemporary fashion with an edge, for street style enthusiasts. 

If you want the very best in clothing, wraps, compression sleeves and lifting gear, that are tested and made to last for intense gym goers, our Brand is for you! We are proud and serious supporters of both bodybuilders and powerlifters, sponsoring shows, meets and athletes all over the world. Our team is built by countless powerlifting fans and driven warriors, who strive to be their best in and outside of the gym.

If you live and breathe weights and fitness, you are already an Iron Rebel. Whether just starting your Bodybuilding journey, interested in doing your first Powerlifting or Strongman competition, need the best gear for your local gym workout or if you are already an Elite world class athlete, we want to be part of your hard-won journey.  You work hard, so we do too.

We are focused solely on delivering the highest quality and best-looking apparel and gear on the market. Join our community today and see why we are the Best around, because we are.