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Hunter Henderson Signature Series Outlaw Knee Wraps (Black/Green)

Hunter Henderson Signature Series Outlaw Knee Wraps (Black/Green)

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 Hunter Henderson is one of the strongest female lifters of all time. In addition to being an IFBB Pro, she is the ultimate dual threat. Posting a 650lb squat in competition, she demands the best in gear and support. We have teamed up with Hunter to create this custom Black and Green color way to offer a fresh look on the Outlaws. 

Our Outlaw Knee Wraps are our stiffest, most aggressive wraps to date. Not made for beginners, they were designed for those looking to maximize their squats and get the most out of a wrap. With a cast like feel, the wraps provide ultimate stopping power to rebound and shoot you out of the hole. Whether you are looking to train heavy in the gym or set PR's on the platform, the Outlaws are up for the challenge!

  • Made from the stiffest, highest density material, these wraps are geared towards the advanced lifter that’s ready to power through heavy weight!
  • Designed to provide maximum stopping power and rebound, these wraps are made to shoot you out of the hole and help you handle huge loads for your Squats .
  • Although self-wrapping is possible, it is recommended to have your coach or training partner wrap you for maximum benefit.

Care: Hand wash with mild soap and air dry. Do not place in washer/dryer. Do not store them rolled up as it breaks them in faster. 

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