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Iron Rebel

IR Notorious Lift Slippers -White Camo

IR Notorious Lift Slippers -White Camo

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We have teamed up with Notorious Lifts company to bring you the ultimate barefoot slipper made especially for powerlifting and the gym. If you are looking for a shoe that is minimalistic and provides unparalleled traction and grip to help propel your lifts, this is the shoe for you.

  • uncompromising grip, lateral support, and a minimalist sole
  • wide toe box allows you to properly splay your toes, which improves stability and allows you to generate more force.
  • dual-straps to keep you firmly locked in place without the fuss of shoelaces.

**Sizing is true to size based on US Shoe Size. If you are in between sizes or have a wider foot, we recommend sizing up.


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