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Iron Rebel

Vegeta Tee (Black)

Vegeta Tee (Black)

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Unleash your Saiyan spirit and embrace the raw power of the legendary Vegeta, the mighty Prince of all Saiyans, with our "Vegeta" graphic tee. This awe-inspiring design features Vegeta in all his regal glory, exuding an aura of relentless determination to crush any obstacle in his path. With eyes ablaze and muscles charged, the prince stands ready for battle, symbolizing the unyielding strength and royal heritage that courses through your veins. As you turn, the back of the tee boldly declares your might with the iconic phrase "Power Level Over 9000," asserting your dominance in the most formidable way. So, put on the tee, stand tall, and channel your Saiyan pride.

As with all Iron Rebel apparel, you will get unrelenting quality, and attention to every detail. This tee will not shrink or distort in the wash, and you can enjoy it for many workouts to come! Crafted for true warriors, this premium tee exudes comfort and durability, making it an essential piece in your hero's arsenal. Join the ranks of the mighty and conquer any challenge that dares to stand in your way, one power level at a time. Do it for your Saiyan pride.


  • 100% Cotton 
  • Tapered fit
  • Unisex Sizing


    Eduardo is 5'9, 170lbs wearing Medium. Cindi is 5’6 135lb wearing Small

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