How to Deadlift Properly

How to Deadlift Properly

Deadlifting is one of the most common and effective workouts in strength training programs. It can be done with different training tools, including the barbell, the most chosen standard equipment. As a result, there are different workout combinations for deadlifting. 

The conventional deadlift involves lifting a barbell off the ground through a squatting and standing up motion. Your body will act as a sort of lever to lift the weight off the ground using your legs, back, and essentially all other muscles in your body.

If done correctly, the deadlift will hit nearly every muscle group. Read on to learn how to properly perform this workout.

how to deadlift


The Correct Form and Apparel 

When you’re deadlifting, what you wear is important because you need to wear clothes that allow you to execute the workout in proper form.. 

There are many gym clothes for women, men’s bodybuilding apparel, and other accessories (such as weightlifting knee wraps) designed especially for these sorts of compound lifts.

With the right gear, you can execute the right deadlift form. 

 Proper Foot Position 

Make sure your feet are hip-width apart and are angled outward in a comfortable direction. Your midfoot should be under the bar, but your shins shouldn’t be touching the bar. 

Deadlifts should be done in flat sole shoes or even barefoot. Experienced lifters typically prefer going barefoot. 

Barbell Grip 

You typically want to hold the barbell with an overhand grip. More advanced lifters use a mixed grip (one hand each way), but this is not recommended for beginners. 

When lifting the barbell off the ground, try not to tug at it. Instead establish a firm grip, pull on the bar to gain some torque and then proceed to lift it. This will prevent injuries to your wrists and activate your forearm muscles.

Bent Knees 

Shift your position by bending your knees until your shins almost touch the barbell. Your knees should bend enough to firmly grip the bar, but without hunching your back - try to maintain a straight back throughout the reps.

Raise Your Chest 

Lift your chest by straightening your back, activating latissimus dorsi muscles, which make up most of your back. Using this motion, you should be able to complete the rep, pulling the bar up toward your hips.

Keep a Strong Core 

Breathe in, flex your core and lock your elbows and arms in position. 


Plant your feet firmly on the ground and lift the bar. When the bar passes your knees, push your hips forward, stand up straight, and keep your glutes flexed. 

Lower the Bar 

Reverse the movement until the bar is on the ground, keeping your back flat throughout the motion. Remember that it’s more important to be steady and maintain proper form than going fast. 

 Benefits of Deadlifting  

  • Improves your function - Deadlifting is the basic movement of picking things up from the ground. When you develop better form, you’ll find it easier to do everyday activities.  
  • Improves your glutes, the biggest muscle in your body - Stronger glutes improve posture, prevent injury, and defeat back pain. 
  • Increase of anabolic hormone - Your body releases beneficial hormones when you hit multiple muscle groups simultaneously, specifically testosterone and growth hormones. These hormones will burn more body fat, increase your mood, boost immunity and increase your sex drive. 
  • Burn more calories than running - Heavy workouts like lifting induce a fat-burning response from your body that lasts up to 36 hours after you finish working out. 
  • Strengthen your posterior chain - The posterior chain is the muscle group along your spine. When it’s more developed, it decreases back pain and prevents injuries. It also increases mobility for people who experience back pain. 

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